Too many options.

This describes most forays into the world of digital marketing for your law firm.

While the choices available are exciting, we tend to get lost in the process. The result is that we spend a lot of time, and achieve very little. Or perhaps we hire experts who give us a laundry list of the 24,000 things that we should be doing, but not a clue how to go about getting it done.

On this page I want to point you to a few core places to help you get up and running with the right mindset, the right strategies, and the right tools that you'll need in order to successfully incorporate digital marketing into your firm's business development mix.

First and Foremost!

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Digital Marketing – A Primer

If you want to immediately narrow down the list of things to focus on, then I suggest checking out my go-to guide to digital marketing. It will get you on the right track and significantly narrow down the list of things to consider.

Read the digital marketing primer here.

The Core Pieces

If you read the primer, you know that the core pieces of effective digital marketing are:

  • Website strategy
  • Content
  • Social Media
  • Email marketing.

If you can get these things right, then you'll speed ahead of your competitors.

But what does that mean?

Website Strategy

The main idea behind website strategy is to have one (a strategy, that is) – most people don't.

In truth, most firms get caught up with design, and stuff their sites with as much information as possible, without giving a second thought to the ultimate strategic decisions that should be made when developing a website. Their web strategy is sadly deficient.

Check out my guide to websites for lawyers here, and ensure that you're asking the right questions about your site.

Content Marketing

As you'd expect, content marketing is a pretty big area. You hear a tonne of advice about it, some of which is helpful and some of which isn't.

The basic deal is this:

And above all, you're going to hear a lot of people say “create epic content” but not tell you what it means. I'll tell you what it means in this article here.

Social Media

Social media is certainly the glamorous angle of digital marketing, but it's also just a piece of the puzzle.

Your main job is to remember that social media involves the word… social.

Which means you need to engage with people. Comment, like things, talk to folks, meet people. That's what social media is all about.

And the more you do that, the more likely they'll pay attention to your excellent content.

Here's how you can get into a social media strategy that will actually do what it's supposed to do.

Email Still Matters

While many people have proclaimed email marketing dead, they've been doing it for so long I feel like it's probably not even close to the fat lady singing – in truth, we're probably still in the second act.

You collect email addresses for a reason – to send people valuable stuff, and to reinforce your relationship with them.

So let's do it. Find out some more about email marketing for lawyers

If you don't have any email marketing software, these three options might work for you.

And if you're not sure what to send, here's a simple place to start.

But Most of All… Execute

10 out of 10 strategies that stay on paper will fail.

If you're a vaguely sensible human being, the chances are that the risks of simply having a go are pretty low.

So pick something – anything, really – out of the above list and give it a red hot crack.

Sure, it will take a bit of time to become second nature, but you'll be blogging, emailing, engaging and dazzling your people before you know it.

Need Help?

Have a vague idea of what to do but just not sure how to go about it? Consulting might work for you – check out what I do here.

Got Questions?

Let me know in the comments below! I'd love to help you out.