To Master your Firm's Digital Marketing?

Build Your Practice Using Digital Tools.

By now most law firms understand that they need to be using digital tools as part of their marketing strategy.

What they haven't done yet is master those tools. They let some common barriers get in the way of truly succeeding on any digital platform. Barriers like “too busy”, like “not sure if we should be…” and barriers like “I heard that X tried that and it didn't work”.

Are you ready to break down the barriers?


I Work With People Who Are...

Prepared to Work

If you're looking for easy button marketing, where I give you a golden ticket and you get free chocolate for life - then this isn't for you. I work hard for people who work hard.

Willing to Try

I am completely open to the fact that people might have better ideas than me. Are you? Sometimes we need to try something even if we don't think it will work for us.


Any marketing effort is a medium to long term investment, and requires you to turn up regularly. I can bother, harass, remind and harangue you, but ultimately dedication to your success needs to come mostly from you.

What to Expect

My Commitment

If I'm going to have high expectations of you, then it's only fairly that you have high expectations of me. So here's the deal.

When you hire me to help you, that's what I'll do. I'll work relentlessly towards your success.

I will hold you accountable to your promises – not in a mean way, but if you say you'll do something and you don't, then expect a  follow up.

And I won't leave you floundering if you get stuck. Ever.

What Do Others Say?

What Can We Do?


Everything starts with a good strategy. Not a booklet or another marketing plan to stick in a draw – but a sharp understanding of what you're doing and why you're doing it. 


I will help you develop a system to reliably produce valuable, high quality content that builds trust and demonstrates your expertise to your desired clients.


Mindlessly performing actions without checking how they are performing makes no sense. We can audit your content and your existing results, to see what can be done better. 


Law firms are notoriously terrible at social media. I can help you engage with your potential clients and use social media to create real relationships with real people. 


Despite the rise of social media, email can and should still form a powerful part of any digital strategy. Your email database is a valuable asset, so let's ensure we're using it well.


Is your website delivering you leads, or is it just nice looking? A website which isn't performing a proper function serves no purpose and should be changed. I can work with your designers to ensure that happens.


Yes, I can help you with search engine optimization as part of an overall content strategy.

I'll help you understand and implement best practice SEO on your site, and to know when to ignore it. 


It's not the most sexy part of digital marketing, but understanding what your data is telling you and how you can capitalise on that is an important part of success.

I can help you review, assess and tweak based on relevant information.

Tech Headaches

Sometimes the most annoying stuff is just making decisions about tech – what to get, what to use and what would work for you. 

I can help you narrow the field and make good decisions that will meet your needs now and into the future.

Apply Today

Each path begins with an application. You give me a bit of information about yourself and your practice, and I'll read it to make sure we're a good fit (from my perspective) to work together.

If things look good on paper, we'll have a conversation where we can decide for sure whether we're a good fit to work together. You can ask questions and so can I. 

This way we can maximise the chance that we're going to work towards your success.


starting at
$ 900
Per Month
  • Master the digital tools
  • Build your practice
  • Feedback, review and guidance
  • Unlimited monthly support and consultations
  • We help you do the work

Done For You Services

starting at
$ 1,950
Per Month
  • Complete digital mastery
  • Managed social media
  • Regular reporting
  • Free up your personal time
  • We do most of the work
Limited #


Most frequent questions and answers

No – all of our monthly services are just that. There's no minimum or maximum term.

The closest you can get to this is our “done for you” package, but there are some exclusions which we can chat about. Mostly this is because having everything done for you is often a bad idea.

If we're going to work towards your success, we need to know that we're on the same page. That's only fair for both of us, don't you think?

No. I'll do my best to help you get them, but this isn't a space where results are guaranteed.

There isn't one really. Sometimes I sleep and spend time with my kids, and of course we each have calendars to manage. But at no point will I say “you've reached the limit of what I can for you this month”. 

Are you Ready to Begin?

If you're ready to start using digital tools effectively to actually build your practice, your reputation, your brand and your business – then I'm ready to help you. Click the button below to apply today.